The Book that Guides Employers
to Combat Workplace Bullying/Abusive Conduct

The Bully-Free Workplace by Gary and Ruth Namie

The Bully-Free Workplace delivers a thoughtful and detailed plan to stop weasels, jerks, and snakes from killing your organization. Written by pioneers of workplace bullying, Drs. Gary & Ruth Namie, this book tells you why and how to create an explicit policy against bullying. It appeals to those managers who value people and who are willing to challenge employers to adopt that value. The Bully-Free Workplace outlines a step-by-step program to correct and prevent workplace bullying.

You’ll get in-depth advice along with information to support your efforts, including:

• Why the personality of the bully pales in comparison to organizational factors that encourage and sustain bullying

• How to justify taking action against bullying for bottom-line fiscal rewards, productivity, employee health, talent retention, and positioning as an employer of choice

• Why you shouldn’t leave a bullying issue to HR departments, and why the issue should be handled by an organization’s CEO

• Why you should trust the reports from the trenches, and how to cope when a trusted colleague is the culprit

• How managerial and supervisory expectations without the benefit of specific training can lead to disastrous results

The stakes couldn’t be higher: bullying can lead to disastrous (even fatal) health effects for individuals and plunging profits for businesses. As the philosopher Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” The time has come for you to do something, and this book shows you how.

Jacket endorsements:

“For anti-bullying to work, it is essential that support start at the top. I was personally involved in drafting our policy with the Namies and ensuring its implementation. It has made a palpable and positive difference to our workplace culture.”
—DOUGLAS H. BARR, MSW, President and CEO, Goodwill Southern California

“This book is for CEOs and their leadership teams who are serious about building a great workplace that inspires higher productivity and profits, along with the bully-free brand. The Namies also outline an innovative contributory role for HR professionals in creating and sustaining a bully-free workplace.”
—KEVIN KENNEMER, founder and Senior Partner, The People Group

“Gary and Ruth Namie apply their expert insight to help organizations prevent and respond to bullying at work. This book opens a window onto best practices for employers who understand how workplace bullying destroys employee morale and productivity and want to stop it.”
—DAVID C. YAMADA, JD, Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School, Boston

“The Namies enable us to start changing our perception of what bullying really is all about: brutal, systematic psychological torture. As a union activist, I have been dealing with bullying in the workplace for years. With these tools, we can start changing the tide; we can better protect our coworkers and stand up for our collective right to a safe, healthy, and violence-free workplace.”
—DENIS ST-JEAN, National Health and Safety Officer, Public Service Alliance of Canada

190 pages hardcover; also available in Kindle and Kobo editions
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (May 24, 2011) Language: English
ISBN-10: 0470942207 ISBN-13: 978-0470942208